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New to forex trading and want to get a head start? Or, maybe you have been trading for a while but have never made a profit? If so, I'm going to refer you to the perfect pip value calculator that will send you trusted Forex signals to get you on the fast track your success.

There are two types of traders in the foreign exchange market. Hedgers and Speculators. Hedgers are always looking to avoid extreme movements in the exchange rate. Speculators, on the other hand, are risk-seeking and always looking for volatility in exchange rates.

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1000 Pip Builder trades  the major FX pairs and some of the major crosses. They're also specialists on Yen pairs so many of the signals are on USDJPY and EURJPY. Also trade the other major pairs like EURUSD, USDCAD etc.

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Forex Factory is a complex platform that provides generic forex-marketing information to its users in real-time. The data is versatile and is anything from trading strategies, economic data, detailed analysis reports from the users, journals, etc. Forex Factory provides newbie forex tradersresources and the ability to filter out misinformation, frauds, and bad trading strategies, that can cause financial harm. But if you seriously want to know how to make money online, then join us to gain untapped access to Forex signals delivered from a secret pip profit calculator.

Forex Signals

1000 PIP BUILDER (Forex Trading Strategy)

Forex Signals1000 Pip Builder is the money making forex factory. With forex signals, you’d have a live account to trade on price movements of forex pairs. Based on your chosen stock, our pip profit calculator will tell if the stock is likely to weaken or strengthen. Keeping a constant eye on which data to look for, what it means, and how to trade will lead to quick profits and put you on the road to success. Follow our strategy! Purchase your forex signals for maximize results. We got you covered with risk management conditions, such as take-profit or stop-loss order. In the end, the forex factory can be in favor of the Speculators and I’d encourage you to Sign Up Now.

When most people think of a forex trading and forex signals, they think of Robin Hood and/or the many apps that Speculators use with hopes of getting rich quick. 1000 PIP BUILDER provides the most accurate forex signals, allowing members to analyze the market and confidently execute trades using our SECRET PIP PROFIT CALCULATOR, which will allow you to adapt tactics to gain pips.

Forex Signals That Will Have Any Newbie Trading Like A Professional In No Time... 4-7 Signals Per Day.

Forex Signals
Forex Signals
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The pip value calculator  used in forex trading is valuable and profitable if you know the fundamental stories driving the markets. Skip all the hassle, your success as a forex trader will start when you become a member of 1000 Pip Builder and receive an exclusive Bonus and data on forex signals from a licensed forex broker.  Take advantage of Bob James’ expertise and utilize his secret pip value calculator integrated in the 1000 Pip Builder strategy. However, the maximum leverage permitted under U.S. regulations is currently capped at 50 to 1. But that may change pending the class action lawsuit filed by Speculators and against Robin Hood (fuck corporate America).


Forex Trading is the largest financial market in the world, so there are scams out there. However, 1000 Pip Builder is definitely not a scam. When you invest in things like Forex factory you are buying “information" that's often being delivered by an unlicensed broker. Knowing how to spot a clever, yet dangerous broker will protect investors. The BIGGEST signs of a forex scammer is someone who guarantees an unusually large profit with little or no financial risk. 1000 PIP Builder has a 60 Days money back agreement.


Forex Signals

 Factors That Will Affect You As A Forex Trader

The news that tends to drive price action and produce volatility usually involves:

1. Central Bank Meetings

The news regarding Central Bank Meetings is the most important Forex news release as it has a great impact on interest rate decisions. Having an authority to control inflation and ensure the value of the nation’s currency remains steady, central bank meetings have the highest impact on Forex market volatility. With monthly intervals, central banks around the world meet to set interest rates and discuss policy plans going forward.

2. Unemployment

The data indicating the rate of unemployment is released in several forms across different economies, but the highest impact release is undoubtedly the US Non-Farm Payrolls. According to a report by Non-Farm Payrolls, the change in the number of employed people during the previous month (excluding the farming industry, as the name suggests). The US NFP number is released monthly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, usually on the first Friday of the month. It’s seen as one of the best indicators on the strength of the US economy and as a result, will prove highly volatile to markets following a release.

3. CPI (Inflation Data)

The most widely used inflation measure out of the various economic indicators is the Consumer Price Index. The index gives information about the historical average prices paid by consumers for a basket of market goods and highlights whether the same goods are costing more or less for consumers. This whole procedure is supervised by Central Banks to help guide them in their rate and policy setting. In case inflation rises to an evident rate and moves beyond a certain target then interest rate rises are used to counter this.

4. GDP

Here is an important indicator of economic health in a country named The Gross Domestic Product. When a countries central bank expects growth outlooks then it determines how fast a country should grow, as measured by GDP.

5. FOMC Meeting

It is right that all the meetings by the Central Bank meetings for economies are extremely important, America’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting takes the canter stage as the US Dollar is currently the world’s reserve currency. Each month the committee meets to set rates and to give its a pronouncement on current economic conditions and the effectiveness of the current monetary policy.

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